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The Village At Alum Creek (VAC) Homeowners' Association

Welcome to the Village at Alum Creek (VAC) Homeowners' Association website. The Village at Alum Creek (VAC) is a neighborhood of 445 homes in Lewis Center, Ohio. This website is created and maintained by the VAC Homeowners' Association Board of Trustees.

Vaughan Group, Ltd. (VGL)  along with a Board of Trustees manages the day-to-day activities of our HOA. Our VGL representative is Stacey Menefee ( The best way to contact Stacey is via email (please include your name, address, and community in your email). To contact the Board of Directors use the Contact HOA button at the top of this page.  

HOA Dues

Towards the end of each year the Board of Directors, based on the current year's expenses and projections for the coming year, determines if the current dues amount is adequate to meet our obligations. Per our governing documents, the dues can be raised up to 10% each year. The Board does its best to hold down costs and only raises dues when necessary. Our community has the lowest annual dues of any neighboring community.

An invoice is mailed to each homeowner around the last week of each calendar year. If you have not received your invoice by mid-January, or if you have misplaced it, please contact Stacey Menefee at VGL ( and request a copy.

Dues MUST be paid in full on or before April 30th of each year or fines ($25 per month) will be assessed. They can be paid electronically via the VGL website ( Once on the site, click on $ Make Payment at the top of the screen. Then click on Condo/HOA Payments. Follow the instructions on that page.

You can also pay by check following the instructions on the Invoice. Include the payment stub with your check so the correct account is credited. NOTE: This address is ONLY for mailing checks to the HOA.

Account Access

VGL maintains an account for every resident of every community they manage. You can access your account by going to the VGL website ( Once on the site, click on Resident Login and follow the instructions on that page.

PLEASE provide you Email Addresses

In order for the HOA to effectively communicate with residents WE NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.  Enter your address by clicking on the Subscribe button and completing the requested information (see the Subscribe description below for more details). This information is ONLY used for HOA related communications. The HOA does share the information with the management company.  After you provide this information, make certain your email is set up to receive email from  

Selling your home?  

If a Title Company or real estate agent needs HOA documentation (by-laws, deed restrictions, etc.) and a statement showing your current balance with the HOA, have them go to, enter the neighborhood as "The Village At Alum Creek" and your address. From there they can submit a request for this information. This is normally done by the Title company or agent, not the existing homeowner. There is a fee for this service. Contact Stacey Menefee if there are questions about this service. If you have questions regarding the fee assessed for this service, talk with your realtor.

LIKE us on Facebook! 

Click the link at the top of the page to visit our official Facebook Group (Village At Alum Creek Community And HOA). NOTE there are multiple VAC Facebook Groups that have been set up by various people over the years. Most were set up to promote a business rather than to discuss the neighborhood's business. The link here was specifically set up for VAC HOA business and should be used to communicate HOA business.  

Exterior Home Improvement/Maintenance    

If you're planning ANY exterior project, even if you are replacing an existing structure, driveway, or sidewalk, you are required to submit an Application for Exterior Alteration Modification and obtain approval 30 days prior to the start of the work. You can find the application under Documents/Forms.  HOA approval does not eliminate the need to obtain permits from Delaware county or other governing bodies. 

Architectural Review Committee

The members of this committee review the Applications for Exterior Alteration Modification. They make sure the changes you are making to the exterior of your home are in line with the Warranty Deed Restrictions and their supporting Policy Statements. The committee currently has one Board member (Joe Leone) and our representative from VGL Stacey Menefee. This committee is also responsible for annual inspections of homes in our community to make sure they reflect the standards of our neighborhood.

Block Watch Committee

The HOA is currently looking for a volunteer to chair this committee. If you are interested, use the Contact HOA Trustees button at the top of this screen and let us know. There are members of this committee. We just need a leader to chair the committee’s activities. This committee is charged with educating residents of ways to help maintain a safe and secure community for everyone. If you see something suspicious taking place in our community, whether a crime has been committed or not, please call the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office at 740-833-2800 and report what you are observing. Please review the Block Watch Overview and the Block Watch Presentation for more details.

Annual/General membership meetings 

These meetings are held annually and as needed. The Annual Meeting is held on or near the last Monday in March. Reminders will be mailed to all property owners.  ​The Annual Meeting for 2020 was cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Meetings of the Board of Trustees 

Meetings are held approximately six times throughout the year. While these meetings are primarily for the Trustees, anyone is welcome to attend if they have an issue they would like to discuss. Please contact Stacey Menefee at VGL or use the Contact HOA button. A Trustee will contact you prior to the meeting to better understand the issue and add it to the agenda. Note: the meeting rooms we reserve at the Orange library only accommodate 5-6 people, which is just enough for the Board of Directors.  We require advanced notice if more than one or two people want to attend a Trustee meeting. Trustee meetings are currently being held virtually because of the coronavirus.  

What the buttons at the top of the screen do

Amendments - this provides a brief explanation of the amendments to the HOA’s governing documents that were passed and implemented in March 2020

Calendar - HOA events will be entered to this calendar periodically

Contacts & Vendors - this provides a list of contact information for the HOA, area Utilities, area Schools, and some Vendors that provide services.

Contact HOA - click here if you want to communicate a concern with the Board of Directors. This sends an email to each of the current volunteers that make up the Trustees of the HOA. This does NOT communicate with the Management Company representative.

Documents & Forms - this section includes the HOA’s governing documents and miscellaneous forms used by the HOA and Orange Township

Policies - this contains all of the Policy Statements that provide guidance/direction on what is and is not allowed within our community. These Policies reflect the Warranty Deed Restrictions. You should become familiar with these.

Subscribe - Use this button to Add or Update or Remove your email address. This process can be a bit confusing so we have written a procedure to help you through the process. There is a link to the procedure on the Subscribe page

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